Sunday, 13 June 2010

nu earth 2000ad fanzine

cover by Will Kerkby

failbot press's "nu earth" is a 2000ad fanzine by Will Kirkby & WJC with
a number of other contributers listed below, check out their links.
Free copies are available through Subcity Galway & Dublin & Forbidden
Planet Dublin or if you would like to be posted a free copy, contact me
through the comments link (first 5 copies will be posted completely free
with in ireland & the UK, after that i will have to charge postage)
Will Kirkby
Matthew Taylor
Emma Douglas
Andrew Cheverton
james newell

Ryan Taylor

Paul Fryer
Matthew Craig
Richard Johnson


Van Dom said...

hey james just seeing this ...any of these left?? Im only 7 months late...

Van Dom said...

You can email me at mate!

vollsticks said...

Yeah, I'd love to check one of these out, are there any left?

james newell said...

yes contact me, address above

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