Monday, 14 January 2008

Claddagh: The Tale of the Ring

This beautiful and engaging children's book tells of the 17th century
adventures of Richard Joyce, the original designer and creator of
Galway's own Claddagh Ring.
Written locally by Patricia McAdoo and illustrated by Galway artist
James Newell ( ), the book follows the young Richard as he
leaves his beloved Claddagh home from the Spanish Arch in Galway on a
ship bound for foreign lands.
A wonderful tale of friendship, loyalty and love, Richard's exciting
journey at sea and in foreign places unfolds dramatically with all sorts
of exciting dilemmas and escapades.
Galway City, the Claddagh and the legend of the Claddagh Ring are
vividly brought to life in the striking illustrations featuring some of
Galway's best loved landmarks.

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