Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Cake & Coffee Morning poster

designed by

Tea Time Recipes

Tea Time Recipes gathered together a years baking recipes from the
Keville & O'Sullivan Associates Monday morning bakeoff, a printing run
of 70 was produced in the offices of Keville & O'Sullivan Associates by and sold along with some delightful baking at the Galway
Technology Center with all the proceeds going to charity.
james newell

bakeoff posters

the Keville & O'Sullivan Associates Monday morning tea brake also
involves someone baking something for every one to enjoy, the posters
here are to remind the staff who is baking for what date.
the two of the posters here were designed by but inspired
by book covers from the 19th century and are not for public use.
james newell

Monday, 18 February 2008

engage art studios logo design

In the summer of 2005 engage art studios, Galway, accepted's logo design for their letter-head & subsequent stationary, as with most of our designs we have printed on recycled paper using materials and equipment available to the the admin. staff at engage.

Drawing of boy for front of exhibition invite by Karen Conway
. . . illustration, design & publications by james newell